Thursday, November 23, 2006

100 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I hate being barefoot.
  2. My favorite thing is to be out in the barn by myself on cold, quiet nights with my animals.
  3. I wear gloves to handle raw chicken.
  4. I love to buy large amounts of toilet paper and then stack it. I like knowing I always have it in stock.
  5. I love to design practical gadgets and shelters for my animals.
  6. I have a secret wish to be an animal fairy godmother.
  7. Beans don't give me gas.
  8. Too much vitamin C does.
  9. I like expensive things.
  10. I find it easier to say my own name now that I have to use it to say my sister-in-law's name.
  11. I don't like perfectly chiseled men. I like them with a few flaws.
  12. I was painfully shy as a kid.
  13. I am very, very introverted though most people don't believe me.
  14. I like dynamic people.
  15. I wish I could be independently wealthy for a living.
  16. I hate bullies.
  17. I love MUSIC!!
  18. I hate passive aggressive people.
  19. I am agnostic and I am happy that I don't know all the answers to life's mysteries.
  20. I love environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  21. I often say things that catch people off guard.
  22. I love to buy blankets and sheets.
  23. I would rather get a shot in my mouth than in my arm.
  24. I would like to write a book someday.
  25. I eat soybeans for breakfast.
  26. I hate it when people tell other people something bad that someone else has said about them.
  27. I name my cars and bikes.
  28. I lose my appetite when I'm dating someone.
  29. I would rather eat a bucket of worms than have to feel nervous or anxious about something.
  30. I pack my fan when I travel.
  31. I hate being mad at people.
  32. I do not enjoy cooking.
  33. I feel like crying when I see horses running and I don't know why.
  34. I wish I could swim by myself with a group of whales in the middle of the ocean.
  35. I'm OVERLY honest in many situations.
  36. I am jealous of people with endless amounts of ambition and stamina.
  37. I like to fix things.
  38. I love men who know how to fix things.
  39. I love men who are independent and secure with themselves.
  40. I love men who like cats.
  41. I love men who can express themselves verbally.
  42. I love flowers.
  43. I force my cat to let me carry him like a baby.
  44. I often feel an overwhelming desire to sunbathe topless.
  45. I am morally opposed to weed killer.
  46. I give my horse filtered water.
  47. I hate that cute shoes aren't made for people with wide feet and high insoles.
  48. I hate my hands.
  49. I like my hair.
  50. I love cleaning out cupboards and organizing them.
  51. I love spending time by myself.
  52. My room is almost always a mess.
  53. I have Tivo and I LOVE it!!!
  54. I think it's wrong to use half an onion and then put the other half in the fridge.
  55. I think it's more wrong to touch kitchen cabinets when your hands are dirty, greasy or sticky.
  56. I wish I had more close friends who weren't married with kids.
  57. I routinely engage in sexually explicit dialog with coworkers.
  58. I taught my mom that bikes are fun.
  59. I taught myself how to harmonize.
  60. When I was 14, I wanted to try out for Miss South Jordan.
  61. I have climbed Mt. Olympus.
  62. I have climbed Mt. Timpanogoes in the dark.
  63. I love to stay up late by myself.
  64. I am easily frightened by ... well.. anything that makes a noise or moves without warning me first. Sometimes the warning even frightens me.
  65. Until I was about 22 years old, I used to think that people were following me home at night and I would drive through different neighborhoods to lose them.
  66. Three months ago, I got over my fear of sleeping in the dark.
  67. I feel like a failure when I run out of energy.
  68. I am a very affectionate person in relationships.
  69. I have been in pain so badly that I thought I was dying.
  70. I used to have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when I was a teenager.
  71. I walked out of tryouts for the minerettes in 10th grade, because I felt too fat in my liatard.
  72. I LOVE freshly ground, VERY course, black pepper.
  73. I often turn off all the lights and dance in my underwear at night.
  74. I am finally over my first love.
  75. I am afraid of aliens and ghosts.
  76. I think it's rude to blow your nose at the dinner table.
  77. I am a perfectionist, which means I stress out when I think things aren't good enough, not that I'm actually perfect.
  78. I get baby hungry from time to time and have to hold myself back from getting a puppy.
  79. My mom is my closest friend.
  80. I don't know my brother very well.
  81. I have given simultaneous blood and urine samples. The ladder was on accident.
  82. I still feel guilty over selling my horse Rudy.
  83. I hate when people tell me I can't do something.
  84. I hate when people have false impressions of who I really am.
  85. I have slept well the past 3 months after having a sleeping disorder for over 8 years.
  86. I don't love chocolate as much as I used to.
  87. I love to laugh.
  88. All my clothes have to face the same direction in my closet.
  89. I used to color coordinate the clothes in my closet.
  90. I no longer allow my cat to sleep with me, due to inhaling excess hair.
  91. I think I'm becoming less insane every day.
  92. I haven't eaten sugar in MANY, MANY months.
  93. I don't think calorie restrictive diets are healthy.
  94. I worked much harder at equestrian school than I had to.
  95. I love making animals feel safe and loved.
  96. I don't like ham. (Except for mom's Christmas ham and I feel guilty about it.)
  97. I feel guilty for eating meat.
  98. I think most doctors are ignorant.
  99. I still miss my dog Dolly.
  100. I use silly pet names for all my pets.. like chubs, boo boo, buns and stuff like that.

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Teresa said...

It gets hard after about 65 huh.
#72 - What are we? :(