Friday, June 8, 2007

Operation Hard Hat

One should never plant bad ideas into someone else's head.

I received a call at work the other day from Bill, an engineer who works for PSE, on site, at a plant in Wyoming. He was in desperate need of my help, because the plant was updating their hard hats and had switched to "baby blue". He said he refused to wear a hat that would make him look like a dork and could I please send him out one of our PSE hard hats and ask Sheryl, our sales person, to add a few stickers from other plants when she brought it out to him. I was absolutely thrilled to be helping him out in this matter. I teased him a bit about his fear of baby blue, but told him I would set him up.

Everything was going really well for Bill until he opened his mouth and said, "Now you guys are probably going to decorate it with girly stickers or something, aren't you?" Gee Bill... I hadn't thought of that, thanks for the tip.

And so Operation Hard Hat began. Sheryl was the project lead. She took the initiative to purchase the best girl stickers she could find. Butterflies, Care Bears and Hello Kitty stickers are about as sweet as you can get. She also came up with the name. I was just the artist, Sheryl was the mastermind. I hope Bill likes it when he sees it next week. I can't imagine him feeling like a dork in a hat like this.

The back side of this hat is kind of a private joke. I'm sure Bill will find it amusing as will the rest of his co-workers at the plant. I'm afraid he may have the name branded on him forever now.



Teresa said...

ha! That's a hoot. Are you sending him another or just that one? Good luck to him. I guess he'll have to get used to baby blue. Hey, the Jazz have.

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