Monday, May 28, 2007

The Lucky Two

I had all but exhausted every avenue trying to find help with these baby skunks. I would have ordinarily called the Utah Wildlife Division, but they are closed for the holiday as are most other organizations. I was hoping to find someone who might rehab skunks or at least know the best thing to do. I ran into dead ends everywhere I went, until today. I was at PetsMart picking up more milk and on a whim, I decided to ask the girl at the vet counter if she knew of any people who would rehab wildlife. She gave me.... WOW.. I think I just felt an earthquake! Anyway... she gave me the name of a woman and I called her and she said she had worked with skunks before and would be able to take 2. It was hard trying to pick which ones to live. Originally I was going to just pick the two girls, because that would make it easy and you know.. I was trying to make up for the whole male preference thing in China. I ended up with one boy and one girl, because they seemed the most docile of the bunch. There is one boy who is always stinking, and I mean this literally, MAD. The minute I look at him, he's up and grunting and stomping his feet. He stomped his feet the entire time I fed him and only quit grunting when I shoved the dropper in his mouth. He was not picked because of his poor attitude. This proves that it's always best to be nice. It could save your life someday. Anyway, I'm horribly depressed and sad over having to call the authorities tomorrow, knowing that they will kill the rest of the babies. I can't imagine anyone being able to continue to feed them for another two months while they still have their stink machines. If they were de-scented, they wouldn't have a chance in the wild and it's illegal to keep them as pets in Utah. So, there really is no alternative. The woman who took the two from me will have them de-scented tomorrow (she knows a guy) and will probably keep them. She has a full grown raccoon and a three week old baby raccoon that she let me hold. SO CUTE!!! I think she's a brave woman to be taking it on, but I imagine if they weren't able to spray, they would be pretty much like a kitten. They are one of the most adorable baby animals I've ever seen. It seems so unfair.


Teresa said...

So who was the lucky person who got to trasport the two lucky stinkers?

Teresa said...

It took three or four days, but I sustained a direct hit. I bet yours will be fine in a day or two.