Monday, May 28, 2007

When Nobody Wants To Be Your Friend

I just finished feeding not 6, but 7 baby skunks. I was well equipped with very long, thick rubber gloves and had managed to learn how to keep the skunks tails turned under their body so they wouldn't spray me. I would feed one and put it in another box so I could tell who was fed and who still needed to be. I had all 7 piled into the "finished" box and then began to transfer them back into their regular box. I was doing great until the second to last one. I was too slow and he was irritated and he let it fly. My arm ended up being the target. I now smell like baby skunk. I took my second shower for the day, soaked my arm in tomato juice, scrubbed my arm until it almost bled, doused it with several different essential oils and I'm still a little stinky. I hope people will still talk to me tomorrow at work. Cathy said she could still smell me. :(

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Teresa said...

Poor little babies. Your dad was showing us all the pictures today. Quite the task if I do say so myself.