Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wedding Day Jitters

So, I get to be a bridesmaid. Uh... ya, the idea is fun. Getting to wear a nice dress, having my hair done, being recognized as someone "close" to the bride. All that is great! The downside... I actually have to be AT the wedding ceremony. The bad part of that last sentence revolves around the word CEREMONY. OH MY GOD!!! You all know I do not like formal, quiet type settings, right? Okay.. this is a CEREMONY and I have to stand there, QUIET and can't move or run out of there screaming for my life for probably a good 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES!!! That is like torture. How am I to prevent myself from pooping my pants (or dress rather)? I've already had nightmares about it. The closer I get to the day, the more anxious I feel. I'm not consciously thinking about it either. To add to the heaping pile of ceremony stress, I am helping to throw a bridal shower. This will be happening next week and it's a lingerie theme. We are actually holding the shower AT a lingerie store and part of the fun will involve strip tease lessons. Weeeeeee!!!! I'm all for the strip tease lesson. How is it that I can be so up for moving my ass in a provocative way in front of strangers, but I can't bear the idea of standing next to my friend as she says I DO? I definitely have it backwards. I do not want to be part of the wedding ceremony, but by damn if I'm not looking forward to busting a move on the dance floor at the reception. I could have every eye in the room on me as I wiggle and shake and I'd love every minute of it.

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