Saturday, March 31, 2007

Famous People

I have to say that I have the most vivid dreams of anyone I know. Full of explicit detail and themes that are right out of a best selling novel. The latest genre in my dreams has been celebrities. A few weeks ago I dreamt about Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie. I was staying with them at some hotel, because I'd won a contest or something. I met all their 7 adopted children. I know they don't have that many in real life, but in my dream, Angelina was swimming in adopted children and she introduced me to every last one of them. She was pretty easy going and I found her rather normal, in spite of her addiction to children. Brad ended up driving me to the airport after my day with the family and he and I had a chance to bond. He sang me a song and told me how he used to have a garage band, etc. I told him how I used to sing with my friend Sean Dixon. Then suddenly, he and Angelina were with me on a tour bus driving through the country and Brad started beating himself up, because he thought I didn't have a good time. He started pointing out huge mansions that he should have rented instead of the hotel, because he thought I would have enjoyed it more and it would have given me a better experience of all that was rich and famous. I thought it was nice that he cared so much. As far as I know, Brad and Angelina are cream of the crop, salt of the earth, good people.

Last night I had another celebrity dream. This time it was about John Mayer and Jessica Simpson. I honestly don't give a second thought to Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, which makes it all the more odd that they appeared in my dream, but I'll admit that I have a little crush on John Mayer. I think he's insanely smart and witty. I know he's a "pop" star and this is one of the reasons I have tried to keep my little crush a secret, but outside of the method he uses to sell his music, he's really a brilliant musician. I was an avid reader of his blog until he began dating Jessica Simpson and gave up posting on his website. Reading his posts and catching on to his wit and off beat humor were a highlight to my day and are what sparked my interest in his persona. The bad thing about a celebrity crush is that you know you are sharing it with several million other people. A good portion of these women are probably just excited that he thinks their body is a wonderland, but it's still a pretty crowded pool to wade in. I'll admit that I liked knowing that he was single. Not because I thought someday he would be mine, but it made him more identifiable. When the news broke that he was dating Jessica Simpson, I was really upset. I was actually more upset that I was upset, but the feeling was there all the same. She ruined my entire image of this guy. My John Mayer hologram wouldn't have dated a dumb blond who exploits herself by inviting the public into her personal life. He would have chosen a nice, down to earth, media shy girl who nobody would ever know about. Enough said. On to the dream. I was outside a football stadium with John Mayer and Jessica Simpson. Jessica went inside to watch the game and I hung back with John. She would come out every now and again and glare at me with her big brown eyes and then interrupt me when I talked as if I wasn't really there. What a bitch! I finally got John to admit that he was only dating her for the sex and didn't really like her as a person. He told me he was breaking up with her. I was happy and I woke up. Apparently my dreams are just trying to appease my psychological need to keep John Mayer a single guy.

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