Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spinning Like A Wheel

It's nearing 3:00 AM in the morning and I'm not sleeping. My eyes are droopy and I'd be likely to drift off if I actually laid down, but I'm just not in the mood to sleep. I'm itching for something to amuse myself with and as you may have guessed.. inspiration isn't making a late night appearance.

What I'd really like to do is create a very long sentence using only extremely profane words, but since I learned yesterday that my niece and nephew now peek at my blog, I need to keep it at least PG13. I think that rating allows at least one vulgar word. Poop. There. I feel much better.

To my dearest Andrew: Due to your recent review of my blog and the fact that you thought it was "miserable", I am going to include a pleasant picture just for you. I hope you enjoy it.

To my dearest niece Amanda: I know you would probably appreciate a good poem over a non-miserable picture, so here goes:

My Auntie writes a blog
And she really likes my dog
She thinks her cat is better
Because he wears a sweater
I find her a bit rude
When she pulls her attitude
So when she leaves, I let her

To my dearest niece Meagan: I think you would enjoy a good short story. Here goes:

Once upon a time, there was a little mouse named Jose. He was from Mexico and crossed the border into the United States illegally when the minutesnakes were not looking. Jose was tired and weary from his long journey, so when he felt it was safe, he found a shaded spot under some sage brush and took a little nap. When he woke up, he found a cactus and bit into it very carefully so as not to puncture himself with one of the pricks. He drank the thirst quenching water and was immediately refreshed. Jose made his way to the city and found that there were few jobs for Mexican mice. The only job available was as a bait mouse and out of desperation, he took it. He would run frantically about to distract cats and birds of prey, while the rich mice traveled to and from their expensive homes. He was only paid a meager wage of a few crumbs of cheese or crackers here and there, but he felt happy that he was able to fill his stomach. He stored and saved part of his food to send back to his family across the border in Mexico as they had no jobs at all where they lived. Jose was happy that he could feed his family and was proud of the dangerous work he did. One day, Jose was asked to distract a nearby cat so that a rich mouse could take a walk. He ran passed the cat at lightening speed and the cat began to chase him. Jose had done this many times, but the night before, he had eaten some bad cheese and this gave Jose painful colitis. Just as he was about to get to safety, a pain seared through his little mouse body and he had to stop running to relieve the pain. The cat quickly caught up to him and snatched him up into his mouth. The cat began to throw Jose into the air and toss him about. Jose thought he was toast, but in the distance he could hear a human voice screaming... "Jack.. let that poor mouse go!!!". The cat dropped Jose, but was still leering over him. Then Jose felt water being splashed all over him and again the yelling of the human. "Jack, GET AWAY FROM THAT MOUSE!" The cat finally ran away and a nice human being picked up Jose and took him to a safe place. Eventually Jose recovered from his injuries and when the rich mouse discovered what a brave thing Jose did, he invited Jose to live with him. Jose went back to Mexico to get the rest of his family and they all lived happily ever after as servants for the rich mouse.

The End

I am sufficiently exhausted enough to attempt sleep now.

Good Night All

Thanks for reading my blog.


Teresa said...

Wow. My kids can be little s!@ts at times. I do agree that you should be a writer though. You even have an anonymous admirer. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

My bright, funny, beautiful neice, thank you for sharing your talent as a writer and your thoughts and dreams. I love you!
Aunt Laurie