Thursday, March 22, 2007

Taking Bruce for a Ride

So, I took Bruce Lee out for a ride today and it was great! I felt like a 125 year old Lance Armstrong. Bruce is my new bike. One of two that I have in my collection. He and Wangari are very happy together, but I think Wangari is a little jealous. I don't think I'll be riding her much now that I have Bruce. Bruce Lee is my "leisure" bike and Wangari is my "mountain" bike. One is uphill and one is downhill and after riding in a downhill position for two years and waking up the next morning with numb hands, I had to make the switch to an uphill bike. Gripping and putting pressure on my wrists makes them swell and then I can't feel anything. I "broke" my wrists so to speak when I tried my hand (pun absolutely intended) at construction site cleanup. Had I known I would be paying for it my entire life, I would have never done such a stupid thing. That little self employment endeavor cost me more than the full function of my hands and a boat load in taxes. It actually convinced my mother that I was gay. She was helping me unload one of my trailers one day and as we were driving to the dump, she looked over at me and said, "Teresa, I want you to know that I'll always love you no matter what.. but... are you gay?". I sat there for a minute and after I realized that she was absolutely serious, I just busted out laughing.

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mushbelly said...

We need to go bike riding again soon. You can come pick me and my bike (unnamed) and take us to the mountain or something.